What you need to make the scrap fabric pens

Ball point pen
Scrap fabric
Fish line

Step 1

To make your floppy pompom pen from a ball point pen you will need to; remove the bottom cap and than the actual pen from the barrel.

pen out barrel

Step 2

Cut strips of fabric for your floppy pompom. Mine were approximately 15cm long & 75mm wide

cut scraps

Step 3

Hold these pieces together and tie in the middle with fish line, to make your floppy pompom, leave lots of extra fish line.

tie gut

Step 4

Pull the extra fish line down barrel of pen.

fish line down barrel

Step 5

Slide the actual pen back into the barrel holding onto the fish line, trim the excess fish line.

pen barrel trim

Step 6

Your floppy pompom pen should be looking quite cool already, you may want to leave your pen like this.

lookin good

Step 7

Now we wrap the pen barrel with long strip of fabric, stick the tip of the fabric on with cello tape. Wrap till bottom of pen than tie it into itself at the pompom.

wrap fabric

& Voila floppy pompom pen...


Step 8

For the fluffy pen cut a strip of fabric than fringe, by snipping back into it, thin cuts.


Step 9

Tape your fluffy fabric fringe onto the top end of another pen pen, than begin to wrap around the pen.Use a thin piece of fringe at the end to tie into your scrap piece.

tape wrap

Enjoy your funky fluffy pen!

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