fabric pompom

Step by step project on how to make upcycled pom poms from scrap fabric

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This big pom-pom tutorial uses an easy fast method for upcycling scraps of fabric into this fashionable decor item.

In this tutorial we will make a reusable pompom maker, which makes pompom making easier, especially handy for mega sized pompoms.

The big fabric pompom is very easy to make and a nice craft for adult and child to do together.

We specifically use stretch fabric which looks very effective because cut into the same direction as the stretch it curls inward into neat tubes. Old T-shirts could also be used for this project.

Fabric takes up vast amount of space in landfills, only 15% gets recycled, and it’s so upcyclable, please rather put those scraps and old Tee’s to good use.


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Step by step project on how to make upcycled mini pom poms from scrap fabricon your pen

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There are two ways with this project; you can make either a floppy pompom pen or a fluffy pen.

The fluffy pen is a bit of frivilous fun and the floppy pompom pen has great shake ability. With both you can cheer yourself on while you write.

The project uses up those little scraps of fabrics, so nothing gets wasted.

Synthetic fabrics do not decompose and organic fabrics do decompose, but they create methane, which contributes to global warming, rather let us use up those scraps of fabric.

Upcycling scrap fabric into a floppy pompom pen is a great back-to-school project, super easy for children and adults. It will also make a great gift for teacher.

A simple ‘Bic’ type ball point pen is used.

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tassel between charm

Step by step project showing how to make your own tassely Charm Scrap Fabric Bangle.

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This bangle uses up your treasured scraps of fabric, so even small scraps need not be wasted. This hip bangle is adorned with charms and tassels wrapped elegantly around a piece cut from a plastic bottle.

There is more than one way to complete this project  so you will find lots of ways to unleash your creativity.

An easy craft for children to do, they will just need a little help cutting the bottle. They can start a new trend at school that will leave behind loom bands, without breaking the bank and spareing fabric waste from the landfill.

Decomposing fabric releases methane, a damaging greenhouse gas and a major contributor to global warming. The dyes and chemicals in fabric can leach into the soil, contaminating surface and groundwater. Fortunately fabric is very upcycable, you can start now with this bangle.

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