What you will need to make a recycled CD mosaic picture frame

Old CD case
Jewel glue
Small items e.g. buttons, screws, embellishments, beads
Scooby-Do wire
Photograph (large enough to fit into the CD case)
Tile grout (colour of your choice)


Step 1

Choose your design, choose something that will fit into the middle of the case. Trace around your design with a marker so you can see where to place the scooby doo wire. The design I have chosen is a heart decorated with pink, purple and red embellishments, making this an ideal Valentine's craft.

trace heart onto cd cover

Step 2

Now that you have the outline of your design you going to put jewel glue over the traced out design. Try make a nice even spread of glue as close on the lines as you can.

jewel glue around heart outline

Step 3

Take your Scooby-do wire and start placing it onto the recycled CD case from the one point at the bottom of the heart.

stick down scooby do

 bend it into the shape of your design. I have bent mine into a heart shape For Valentine's Day. As you work your way around the heart you can use a pliers or something with a bit of weight to hold it in place as you bed the scooby doo.

hold down scooby doo

Keep working your way around the heart shape till you have reach the end of the heart.

jewel glue scooby doo in place

Step 4

Using jewel glue fix your embellishments around the scooby doo shape, taking care to fill all the empty spaces.

 glue embelishments

Once the beads etc. have been glued into place you will need to leave your work to dry.

add more embelishments

Step 5

You are now ready to grout.

Mixa small amout of white grout in a tub and use a syringe to fill in the gaps between all the little embelishments on your CD mosaic picture frame.use siring for groutuse sirnge to grout


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