What you will need:

• Clean, 5 litre plastic bottle
• Crimps and crimping pliers
• Trace wire (or any strong string)
• Scissors
• Craft knife
• Metal washers or old buttons
• Wick (thick, cotton cord
• Key ring

what you will need

Read through all the instructions first before starting this craft.

Step 1

Remove the label and any dirt from your 5 litre bottle.

remove label

Step 2

Using a craft knife, make a small slit in the bottle just before the bottle tapers to the top.
Insert your scissors into the hole and cut all the way around.

first cut with craft knifescissors cutting bottletop of bottole cut

Step 3

Make three holes equal-distant apart (to form a triangle) about 1-2cm from the top of your cut
bottle. Use a spike, nail or a small drill to make the hole. Do NOT make a cut, when the
garden is hanging the weight will cause the plastic to tear.

 pierce side with spike

Step 4

Cut three equal lengths of trace wire (or sturdy string). The length depends how high or low
you want your garden to hang, we recommend anything from 50-100cm.

cutting wire

Step 5

Fold one of the wire lengths in half and thread it through the washer or button. Thread the
two ends of wire through the loop of wire so it "locks" onto the washer/button. This acts as a
stopper, preventing the wire from ripping or pulling through the plastic.

thread wire into stopperthread wire into washerthread wire through looploop pulled tight

Step 6

Thread the two ends through the hole in the bottle and pull up.

thread wire into side of botttlepull up wire button

Step 7

Thread the crimp onto the loose ends of wire, fold it over to make a loop and pass the ends
back through the crimp (don't crimp yet!).

thread crimp onto wirethread crimp onto wire dont crimp

Step 8

Repeat Steps 5-7 with the other two pieces of wire.

Step 9

Once you are sure that all three loops are the same length and your garden will hang evenly,
firmly flatten the crimps.

crimp with pliers

Step 10

Your three strings should now be crimped at the same length. Trim excess wire if necessary and
fit a key ring to the three loops.

fit key ring to wire

Step 11

Make a hole in the lid of the bottle, just big enough to pass your wick through doubled over.
Fold wick in half and thread through the hole, from the inside out, so that the loop sticks
out the top of the lid with the ends hanging down.

make hole in lidloop on the outside

Step 12

Adjust the wick so that the lid is in the middle and replace the lid.

replace lid

Step 13

Turn the top part of the bottle upside down and place it into the bottom part of the bottle.

replace top into bottom of bottle

Step 14

If necessary, adjust the wick so that the two ends will stop just underneath the top of your
soil line (approx. 2cm from the top).

adjust wick

Step 15 (optional)

Your pot is now ready to use, but we suggest using some rust paint to give it a rustic feel.
Paint the outside of the bottle, but be careful not to get any paint on the inside of the
bottle - this will contaminate your soil, not good for anything you plan on eating!

paint bottlepainted finished

Step 16

Once your rust paint has dried, it's time to fill your pot with soil and the plant of your
choice. Once the plant is in, water until the water reaches the halfway mark of the bottom of
the bottle - and there you have it, your very own Upcycled hanging herb garden!

NOTE: These gardens are super low maintenance. Excess water drains to the bottom chamber,
while the plant can suck as much water as it needs through the wick. No water is wasted - I
haven't watered my hanging gardens in three months (the rain has topped them up though).

If you live in a high rainfall area, it is a good idea to knock a small drainage hole halfway
up the bottom chamber; just to be sure the roots don't flood after a lot of rain.

complete hanging bottle garden

complete garden upcycle bckgrnd

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