RSS Decor

Over the last year we have been making decor for RSS a company that specialises in remote site solutions:


Taking care of your people and your business, anywhere in the world. Remote Site Solutions can design and construct a new facility or take over an existing facility and employ and develop existing staff already onsite.

Upcycle decorate the dining halls of sites with a monthly theme to inspire the guests and create a home away from home. We have been working closely with a community to develop their upcycling skills, providing them with a income and inspiring them to do great things!

Halloween and world Aids day
book pumpkintin can candle holders

Coke bottle curtain

For some colour and vibrance we made these coke bottle hanging flower curtains. These are made from coke bottle tops cut into flower shapes, coke bottle bottoms, as they already look like flowers and then seperated by various colour bottle tops and wooden beads inbetween. These coke bottle, bottle top curtains make a stunning window dressing as the reflect all the colours and really brighten up a room!
coke bottle curtain

Fused plastic bag patchwork blanket

We did a large patchwork plastic bag blanket for a display stand. Really is amazing how strong this plastic is when fused together and sewn. Great for making table cloths and even aprons or bags.
plastic blanket

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